IME’s commitment to keeping their franchisees up to date with technology is a key factor to the success of their organization.  The Lead Management System(LMS) and John Casablancas Student Administration (JCSA) system are designed to take each prospect through the lead process all the way to graduation.  Leads are generated by various methods and most leads  enter the LMS system on a “real time” basis so they can be worked in a timely manner.  When a prospect is enrolled the JCSA system  develops the necessary paperwork for the student and tracks their payments and attendance throughout the program.  Each student is assigned a student ID Card  that is used to check them into class and to check their account for payment allowing franchisees to easily track and collect payments due.


An electronic calendar of classes is used to schedule classes. A reporting system is used to track sales data such as; show rates, enrollment rates, retention rates, start rates, graduation rates and cost effectiveness of all marketing campaigns.


The John Casablancas  proprietary  program allows every aspect of the operations of the company to be tracked through this web based program.  Because it is web based, updates are easily implemented without having to work on individual work stations within each location.    Also, owners can fully manage their business  from any place they have an internet connection offering the freedom hard working business owners deserve.

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