Our affiliation and relationship with IME has been an incredible experience for our JC San Jose Team. The real test for any franchise or turnkey system is “can I plug in and have the system work for me?” With IME, we plugged into their system, received critical training and guidance every step of the process and feel confident that we made the right choice to align ourselves with such a great team of professionals. The effectiveness of their systems is phenomenal! Their lead management system is thorough and powerful. IME has never hesitated to assist in any capacity as we have asked a lot of questions along the way! The IME leadership team is truly an invaluable resource because they are always evaluating opportunities for more efficient and effective systems and tools that are appropriate to our business. We look forward to continuing our relationship with IME for many, many years.

Owner, Dalena Hoang, San Jose, California


I am the proud Owner of the Raleigh JC Center. I have worked with IME for 20 years. I started with the company as an admissions representative in San Diego. I worked my way up within the company as an instructor, promotions manager and agency director. Then, I was given an opportunity to become a director in North Carolina and made the move! Several years later, I was able to invest and become a John Casablancas franchisee. This was truly a lifetime dream come true. I have been so blessed to have IME’s guidance, especially during the first two years of ownership. IME’s vast pool of resources such as lead production, marking tools, curriculum programs and IT support are an important element in my Center’s success.

Owner, Jennifer Durazzo, Raleigh, North Carolina


Being a franchise owner has been a lifelong dream come true for me. I have had the pleasure of working with IME’s leadership team for over 20 years. There isn’t a company more experienced in our industry than IME. I especially appreciate IME’s proprietary lead management system which put leads in our computer system every single day! Thank you for the fabulous dream opportunity of owning a successful JC Center.

Owner, Maria Seibert, Columbus, Ohio


I recently purchased the Chicago John Casablancas Center. Throughout the process, IME was very helpful and supportive to me. As I have adjusted to the new business, IME has continued to support me in any means necessary. I am a part of a special family and I am excited to have a long and prosperous relationship with IME. I truly feel fortunate to have found such a rewarding and challenging business to be a part of.

Owner, Daniel Meehan, Chicago, Illinois


I have been a JC Owner since 1985. From the very first day we took on the John Casablancas name there was an immediate upward change in our business. Our name and reputation is so highly regarded that there was no comparison with my previous small private finishing school. We are now the largest and most respected modeling and acting center in Michigan. And, finally, the wonderful relationship with IME and what they impart to the franchise owners is not only educational but extremely helpful. I count them among my closest and dearest friends and associates.

Owner, Bernadette Strickland, Detroit East, Detroit West, Michigan


I came to the John Casablancas Centers from my background in corporate America (IBM, Motorola). My impression of the JC network and IME specifically, has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s been characterized by an overriding attitude of openness and cooperation. The Tampa franchise has defied the trends and has grown each year; this would not have been possible without the support from IME that I have received. The corporate office responds quickly whenever questions or challenges have presented themselves. From lead generation to marketing tools, IME has been supportive and my business has flourished, in good part, because of it.

Owners, Deborah & Russell Scherker, Tampa, Florida


After working in the modeling/acting business for 35 years, 15 of which were for the John Casablancas Centers (as Director of JC Memphis and JC Atlanta), I decided to open a JC Center in Cincinnati. Having worked in the past for several other companies, I knew the John Casablancas organization was the right fit for me. IME’s lead management system has become an invaluable tool for the continued success of our business. I appreciate our network of fellow franchisees and their willingness to share their experiences. I am proud to be in a business that helps people to become the best they can be and to do this with a group of talented individuals who truly believe in the JC programs and what we do.

Owner, Deborah Cameron, Cincinnati, Ohio


Since opening our doors in 1985 with our Miami JC Center, our lives have been totally changed for the better. We have found that the John Casablancas Centers have done so much for the young people who have taken our programs. Now, over 28 years later, our original students are coming back with their children! That is a true testimonial to what we truly do, make a lifelong impression on those that have gone on with stronger confidence and self-esteem. We are proud to be Owners of the Miami JC Center and plan to continue on for many, many years.

Owner, Laura & Harrison Bentley, Jessica Bentley, Miami, Florida


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